New Location, New Blog

The Good Life Massage is pleased to make two major announcements! A couple weeks ago we broke in our new clinic, giving the first massage in our new home at 200 S Tobin, Suite A on the north side of downtown Renton.

In the three years since Good Life Massage has been in business, we have grown far faster than any of us ever anticipated. With the help of promotional megaphones like Yelp, SpaFinder, Amazon Local, not to mention our fantastic clients, we have been able to make our little one-room clinic all that it can be. Business has been so good, in fact, that it’s gotten difficult for clients to find openings. The time for change is now!

Our new location will be a full service multi-room massage clinic that includes …

  • four treatment rooms (including a dedicated couples room!)
  • spacious waiting room
  • full-time reception desk
  • total wheelchair access to the building and to every room
  • on-site laundry room
  • full break room for our employees
  • more convenient parking
  • and even more to come! Watch for announcements down the line.

Obviously, we’re excited about this. But what’s in it for you?

First, our schedule is about to break wide open, bursting with availability. Going from one treatment room to four means we have just quadrupled our capacity. We’re doing all we can to hire new therapists to fill all this new space. We’ll announce that as they come aboard, so stay tuned.

Second, our clinic is more user-friendly than ever. The new place is easier to find, easier to park at, and practically stands alone. While we share the building with other suites, we’re highly visible from the street, and have our own parking lot.

What ISN’T Changing?
We’re still committed to exceptional, individualized service, as always. No matter how busy our clinic gets, we still pad our sessions with thirty minutes between sessions, leaving plenty of time for clients to relax, settle in beforehand, and slowly warm up afterwards. In other words, you’ll never see revolving door full of hustled clients at GLM.


As you can see, the decor feels very familiar. We’ve worked hard for weeks to ensure that every client feels at home here.

How do I get there?
From I-405 …
Take Exit 5. Go west on Park Ave North and go through the light at the Boeing plant where it becomes Logan Avenue. Stay on Logan as it curves south. Keep going past Renton Stadium and stay in the left lane to go straight rather than curve right onto Airport Way. Go through the light at Airport Way, go one more block, and turn right on South Tobin. We’re just past the Salvation Army church on the right.

From 167 …
Follow 167 north until it becomes Rainier Ave. Go about a mile up Rainier Avenue South, turn right on Tobin, and you’re here.

Stay Tuned
The second announcement is more obvious: we have a blog! Yes, the blog you’re reading right now is brand new as of this posting. This will be the most detailed source of information on all our services, products, promotions, and announcements for The Good Life Massage.

And make no mistake, there are some big announcements coming.

To stay up to date, click one of the social media links below or just keep checking back here at the website.

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