Know Your Therapist–Kylee Davis, LMT

Know Your Therapist is your chance to become more familiar and comfortable with your massage therapist. If you aren’t sure which of our talented therapists would be best for you to come back to regularly, this is a great way to meet them and get to know who they are both personally and professionally.

Our first entry in the series is from one of the founding members of our team, Kylee Davis. In 2012 Kylee Davis opened The Good Life Massage within a few years of getting her massage license. What started as a one-room clinic with two therapists has now grown to a four-room clinic with as many therapists as of this posting. She’s tenacious, outgoing, passionate about her work, and regularly wins the friendship and loyalty of co-workers and clients alike.

We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about her life, her work, and what makes her particular brand of massage unique.

Kylee Davis, Co-Founder of The Good Life Massage
Kylee Davis, Co-Founder of The Good Life Massage

Tell us a little something about your personal life: hobbies, interests, family, friends, etc.

Not many clients see any of the other hats I wear. I’ve been married for almost 10 years to my best friend, and I’m a mother to two amazing kids. I’m a geeky fan-girl, best expressed in my love for British television, with my two major loves being Doctor Who and Merlin. I also can’t describe myself without including my love for music. I sing in a community choir, and often at church, as well as every day with my kids. Though I don’t have as much time for this next hobby, I LOVE to read. I can get lost for hours in a good book. I’m a huge social media junkie. I use it for work and home; Facebook, Twitter (just started on that), Pinterest (I use it almost every day for something), and Instagram. Lastly, I also love to dance and be crazy, but I also really enjoy stillness and time to reflect.

How did you get started in massage? What events lead to you working here?

Initially I came to massage because I wanted a career with flexibility for a family-based schedule. My son was nine months old when I started massage school. But within two weeks of classes, I fell deeply in love with the complexity and beauty of the human body. I had found my passion!
After I got out of massage school, I worked for someone else for about six months. I didn’t love the environment and wanted to set up my own space. I wanted time before and after each session to talk with my clients and educate them regarding their body, their session, etc.
So The Good Life Massage got started in June 2012. Then Amy (Amy Gunn) started sharing space with me in 2013. After a year, we joined forces and became business partners, and now we’re here. I love walking through the door every day and feeling such peace and clarity.

I love that my business is more than just clients and numbers. It’s about lives and passions and ups and downs. It’s about finding inner peace, wellness, and stillness when needed. It’s so much more than can be expressed in a few sentences. I feel blessed to have come to this place where I can serve others doing something I love.

What’s your favorite part of this job? What gets you excited to come to work?

 In my life, regardless of the circumstance, I always want to know why. It’s been that way since I was a child. My favorite part of my job is helping people find out the “why”: why is my low back hurting? why am I limited in this motion? why did my neck flare up after months of being fine?

Sometimes the why is a physical thing, other times its answer is found in the emotional connection of brain and body. I’m excited to come to work when I know I have a puzzle to figure out.

 What is it about your massage that keeps your clients coming back? What makes you stand out from the other GLM therapists?

I wish I knew the answer to this. I think the reasons point back to who I am as an individual: I’m a very thorough and perfecting person. I think these traits come out in my massage and make me different from other therapists. Whether it is a session focused on relaxation or a specific treatment plan, I want to perfect that session–I want it to be as thorough as possible, always exploring the possible reasons for that pain, tension, or discomfort. I try to make sure it’s never just a “routine session”.  Finding a way to connect with my clients is very important to me, as I really value the trust and relationship I build with them. So I try to honor that in every massage. I’m not just here to make a living or use the skills I learned, I want to make a difference in someone’s life every single day.

Pick a superpower: flying or turning invisible. Explain your answer.

Only one of those two? Personally I would love the ability to apparate. (Did I mention I also love Harry Potter?) Being able to get from one place to another instantly would save me so much time as working mom.

We’re all about wellness here. What’s your favorite health habit? This can be something that you’re working on, have mastered, or just feel like our clients should be doing.

This is a hard one. There are so many! I’m working on a number of these with a health coach. I think my favorite habit would be the building of habits. For so long I thought I had to tear down all my “bad” habits in order to be healthy and all it got me was negativity and no progress.

Now I focus on building up new habits. The mental shift of building up has made it so much easier to work on my health; it creates a drive to keep moving forward. Even on a rough day where I don’t make much progress, I know I am heading in the right direction.

Finish this statement: I wish my clients knew …

The power of their minds. I still don’t know all the full power of my own, but I do know that we possess so much more strength than we tap into on a regular basis. Our brain is just like our body and needs to be fed the most nutritious things possible. Often the things we hold on to are junk food and don’t serve us well.

If we believed that we are capable of anything, what would we do? Would we sit by and let life wash over us or would we grab every opportunity with fervor and drive? I try to remember this saying (found it on Pinterest – see I told you I use it every day): “A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but in the power of her own wings. Always believe in yourself.” I wish my clients and the entire world could tune in to this strength!

Thanks, Kylee! This was only part one of this series, so watch for more posts about our therapists in the coming weeks.

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As with everything on this blog, none of this information should be construed as medical advice or care. The employees of The Good Life Massage, including the writers of this blog, are not medical doctors. Consult with your physician before making any changes to improve your health.

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