Know Your Practitioner, Part III: Nicolle Dourte

Know Your Practitioner is your chance to become more familiar and comfortable with your massage practitioner. If you aren’t sure which of our talented practitioners would be best for you to come back to regularly, this is a great way to meet them and get to know who they are, both personally and professionally. This is Part 3 in the series. To learn more about our other therapists, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Nicolle Dourte, LMP
Nicolle Dourte, LMP

Nicolle Dourte was the first GLM therapist who is not also one of the owners. Nicolle got her massage training right here in town at Renton Technical College. While she’s originally Canadian, she’s lived in Renton most of her life, and has family connections here going back two generations. GLM hired her right out of school in 2014, having provided her with a required internship as part of her training. While she is relatively young in her career, we were instantly impressed with her skill. We have continued to be impressed with the consistent quality of her work. Her clients feel the same way.

We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about her life, her work, and what makes her particular brand of massage unique.

Tell us a little something about your personal life.
Hobbies, interests, family, friends, etc.

I really like playing sports with my friends; football and basketball are my favorite. I love hiking and camping. If you combine the two, it is even better. I have been playing musical instruments since i was in third grade. A few of those include the alto and tenor sax, flute, and piccolo. The only one I still play is the flute. I am also an expert Netflix marathon watcher.

Tell us about your career in massage. How did you get started? What events lead to you working here?

When I was younger, my sister was diagnosed with scoliosis while going through puberty. Since she had scoliosis, she was always in pain and, me being a nice sister, I would massage her back. The more I helped her, the more I realized it was something that I enjoyed and could possibly make a career out of. I have wanted to be an LMP since I was 13.

What’s your favorite part of this job? What gets you excited to come to work?

My favorite part about this job is that I am always learning new things. It keeps me busy. Seeing and working with my clients makes me excited to come to work.

What is it about your massage that keeps your clients coming back? What makes you stand out from the other GLM therapists?

The thing with my massages that keeps people coming back is that I believe that you can relax a little while getting a treatment massage. You can work on an area that needs extra help, but still feel good throughout the session.

Pick a superpower: flying or turning invisible. Explain your answer.

I would pick flying. If i were able to fly, then I wouldn’t need a car to get to and from places. Flying is also cheaper than driving, so that is always a plus as well.

We’re all about wellness here. What’s your favorite health habit? This can be something that you’re working on, have mastered, or just feel like our clients should be doing.

I like to experiment with cooking. I would much rather cook a whole meal from scratch than to buy it. To me, it tastes better, and is overall healthier for you. It’s just so hard to take the time to actually cook it. Also, I am pretty physical. I like running, swimming, and playing other sports, too. I would say, just try and stay active. You don’t have to go run five miles to be healthy, but try and take the time to at least walk 15 minutes or so if that is all you can do. The more you do this, the better you will feel, and you will have more energy

Finish this statement: I wish my clients knew …

That i really love my job! Also, that I might be small, but that doesn’t mean that I am weak or can’t give a really great massage.

Thanks, Nicolle! This was part 3 of a series, so watch for more therapist profiles in the coming weeks and as more therapists are added to our team.

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As with everything on this blog, none of this information should be construed as medical advice or care. The employees of The Good Life Massage, including the writers of this blog, are not medical doctors. Consult with your physician before making any changes to improve your health.

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