Two Amazing Massage Therapists … Four Skilled Hands … One Content You: Introducing Four-Hand Massage

GLM is proud to begin offering four-hand massage, available now!

Four-hand massage is a great way to make the most of your massage time. Two therapists massage different parts of your body at once. This saves time and maximizes your massage experience.

Four hands are better than two!
Four hands are better than two!

Four-hand massage makes it possible to get the benefits of full-body relaxation that comes from a traditional Swedish massage combined with the relief from aches and pains that comes from deep-tissue.

One therapist, for instance, can perform a full-body Swedish massage. At the same time, the other therapist can be working out the kinks in your neck, those pains in your feet, or any other focus area that may need special attention. Or you can have them both do the same kind of work at the same time, or have them change it up in any way you please.

While four-hand massage is a next-level massage experience, it can be good for even the most casual massage client. If you find that you experience discomfort during deep tissue massages, a four-hand massage could be the solution. Four-hand massage distracts the senses in a way that’s both more intense and more relaxing at the same time. This service packs the benefits of two massages into one session.

Who Would Benefit The Most from 4-Handed Massage?

  • Anyone who needs intense, regular massage work.
  • Anyone with a busy schedule who wants to pack as much treatment into their session as possible.
  • Anyone who’s looking for something new to experience in a massage session.
  • Someone looking for a unique way to mark a special event such as a birthday, a promotion, or a graduation.

Four-hand massage books similarly to a couple’s session: ask for four-hand massage when you call or add it from the menu online. When you’ve completed the booking process, you’ll receive a tentative confirmation email. When we’ve confirmed that two therapists can perform the session at the same time, you’ll receive a final confirmation.

Four-hand massage is one of our most distinctive offerings, and represents a whole new way to experience massage and get the touch therapy your body needs. Book now!

Tom Gunn is the blogger and marketing specialist for The Good Life Massage. You can follow him on twitter @tomgunnpoet

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