Unlock the Secrets of Essential Oils

Essential oils plays a big role here at GLM. We use a variety of essential oils in our handmade skincare products, and put them to use in some of our most popular session enhancements, including aromatherapy.

But why do we use them?

What’s so significant about essential oils?

What do they do, anyway?

The answers to these questions go well beyond just pretty-smelling oil. Many essential oils have powerful healing and mood-altering properties, and have been used for centuries.

For our next groundbreaking class, our own Kylee Davis will share with you what we know about essential oils. You’ll learn about the different varieties of essential oils, their uses, and the best way to make them a regular part of your life and health.

Registered students will go home with an assortment of essential oil blends and some samples of pure essential oils to start using right away.

Come join us!

Where: The Good Life Massage waiting room, 200 South Tobin, Suite A, Renton, WA 98057

When: Wednesday, October 28 from 7 PM to 8 PM

Cost: $10 a person. (Only 10 seats available, so don’t delay!)

How to Register: Visit our website and book your spot in the class just like you would a regular massage. It will appear as on option on the drop-down menu.

Tom Gunn is the Marketing Director and blog editor at The Good Life Massage. You can follow him on Twitter @tomgunnpoet.


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