Do You Have a Free Massage Waiting For You?–The Point-by-Point On Rewards Points

You may have noticed when booking a massage that there are two prices listed for each service: the dollar value and the points value. This has raised some questions.

What are these points, anyway?
We’ve recently adopted Vagaro as our scheduling service and payment processor. One feature they offer is a rewards system for returning customers. We love it because it’s a great way to show our loyal customers our appreciation. You’ll love it because, hey–free massage!

How do they work?
Our rewards points can be earned by receiving massage*. Every hour of massage earns you 10 points.

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You can also earn points when you add session enhancements like tension release; hands, feet, or scalp upgrade; or chocolate hydrating face mask. The number of points depends on the dollar value of the enhancement. To see how many points your enhancement will earn you, look at the booking menu and under each item, “earned rewards” are listed under the name of the enhancement.

Free Stuff?!
Rewards can be redeemed at a rate of 50 points for a half hour of massage. You can bank them as long as you like, or spend them right away, either on a 30 minute session or as an upgrade to your session.

Watch this space, as we plan on adding products to our rewards redemption options. For now, your points can only be redeemed for massage and select session enhancements.

What do I have to do?
Nothing, really. You don’t even have to carry around a card or install an app. If you wish to see your rewards points balance, simply log in to your Vagaro account (if you’ve had a massage with us before, you already have one). Go to your profile on the top right hand of the page. Click on the star icon on that page and you will see your balance.


How do I redeem my points?
Just talk to us at reception at checkout to use your rewards for your massage

Can I save them up?
Rewards points can be banked for as long as you like with no limit and do note expire. Use them however you wish.

*Medical Massage, which is billed to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry or an auto insurance company is wholly except from the rewards system. You may not use points for these services, nor can points be earned in receiving them.

Tom Gunn is the blog editor and marketing director at The Good Life Massage. To hire Tom for tutoring, writing, or consulting, visit his website at You can also follow him on Twitter @ElManoRoboto.


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