Quick, Effective: A Primer on Seated Massage

Most people are familiar with massage that’s done while lying on a massage table. But what you may not have seen as often is a seated massage.

Sure, your significant other can give you a back rub at the kitchen table, but seated massage is very different kind of experience.

Seated massage basics
We use a seated massage chair that allows you to sit with your upper body leaning forward, supporting your torso and your head.

Chair massage

Notice the face-rest, which is just like what you see on a massage table. This gives the practitioner access to your back and neck–the areas most likely to need massage. The posture is surprisingly comfortable, and perfect for back and neck rubs as long as about 30 minutes.

In a private setting, removing your top may be appropriate to give your practitioner direct access to the muscles. But most of the time seated massages are given in public settings, so you would typically stay fully clothed.

What’s the point?
If a full 60 minute session with enhancements is like a full-course meal, seated massage is like a quick snack. You won’t walk away with chronic pain magically cured, but it can be a great way to get temporary relief from the aches that come from the repetitive motions or constant sitting of a work environment.

Further, it can be a great, quick pick-me-up during a long day at work, or the perfect treat after a long workout.

Where do I get a seated massage?
Most often, you’ll see our massage chair at public events. We are available to provide seated massage at special events like a grand opening, the last day of school for teachers, or during a particularly difficult project in a workplace where everyone is putting in long hours. We can also put on a seated massage event for employees as a thank you or as a morale booster.

We don’t typically offer seated massage in our clinic unless you request it, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you would prefer a massage chair to the traditional table. In fact, almost every aspect of your massage experience┬ácan be customized to suit you.

Are you interested in having a seated massage event at your office? You can enter to win a free 3 hour event on our website.

Tom Gunn is the blog editor and director of marketing for The Good Life Massage. You can find him online at tgunnwriter.com or Twitter @elmanoroboto