Add a Little Extra, Get a Lot More – A Primer on Massage Enhancements, Part 1

Treat Yourself - Web GraphicWe like to think our clients keep coming back to GLM because we focus like laser beam on doing one thing extremely well: massage. But if you think massage is all we have to offer, you’re missing a lot.

We offer a number of enhancements to make your massage experience even more enjoyable and therapeutic. For just a little extra, you can add extra non-massage treatments to your session.

In this post, we’re focusing on our massage enhancements that add no time to your session, and can be requested on the day of your appointment–no need to plan ahead for the enhancements listed here. Some enhancements have a therapeutic value, while others are designed to make your massage experience more relaxing and memorable. Find out what you’ve been missing!

Foot or hand sugar scrub
Sugar scrubs are a great way to gently exfoliate your hands and feet. First we apply hot towels to your hands or feet to relax and open the pores. Then we use a sugary compound made with glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils, formulated by our own Amy Gunn and manufactured right here in our clinic. We finish with a grease-free lotion to seal in the moisture. Choose from five pleasant fragrances or go fragrance-free.

The hands and feet are your hardest-working body parts! Give them a little extra love by taking good care of them. Go with just the hands, just the feet, or do both for a little extra.

Hot stone spot treatment
Whether you already know and love hot stone massage, or have never heard of it before in your life, our hot stone spot treatment is a great little taste of the hot stone massage experience. It’s also great for giving a particularly painful or tense area some extra TLC.

We use smooth stones hand-picked from the Washington and Oregon Coast which are submerged in hot water. We use these stones as massage tools, applying heat to help soothe and soften sore tissue and muscle in your focus area.

Tension release
Not only is the addition of a unique blend of essential oils relaxing, it makes your therapist’s job a lot easier. Our LMTs claim that this enhancement makes it faster and easier to get through superficial tissue to deeper levels. This is the perfect way to help slow your mind, relax your body, and make your massage as effective as it can possibly be.

This enhancement is a treat for your senses and your muscles. Your therapist will help you choose from a broad selection of oils. These are then added to strategic points all over your body. The overall effect is surprisingly relaxing, and adds that extra element of escape to your session.

You can add more than one of these to your session in any combination you wish, but we recommend taking it slow with these. Give them a try one at a time. Find out what you like the most, and you’ll want to make it a regular part of your massage experience.

Book your session today–and don’t forget to add an enhancement this time!

Tom Gunn is the marketing director, social media manager, and blog editor for The Good Life Massage. You can view his other work or hire him through his website

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