The Nominees Are In!

The Nominees are in!

When we started this contest, we had no idea how many amazing entries we would receive.

A few weeks ago, we put out a call for nominees for an amazing woman to receive a free spa day on us, including a full body scrub and mud wrap and a 60 minute full body massage. We asked you to tell us about an amazing, inspiring woman in your life who deserves this more than anyone you know. And wow, did you deliver! Whether your nominee made the final cut or not, we want to thank everyone for participating.

The nominations were so good, in fact, that we couldn’t keep ourselves to just three. So, we have four nominees! Trust us, this is going to be tougher than you think. We’re excited to share their stories with you as they were shared with us by the people closest to them. (Note: the entries have been proofread and edited for length to make the contest as fair as possible)

My daughter has cystic fibrosis but has never let that define her. I have watched her health decline severely over the past two years, yet she manages to maintain an optimistic attitude. She is a ray of hope and enthusiasm to everyone who knows her. The last 6 months have been filled with so many tests and procedures, and she is now on the list for a double lung transplant. In spite of all this, she faces each day with a smile, makes the best of her situation, and is a joy to be around. She inspires me daily to look for the positive in every moment. As a mom, it breaks my heart to see her endure so much and there’s nothing I can do to change it. I would love for her to have the luxury of being pampered for awhile.

Though she’s been through hard times, I’ve never seen a room light up brighter than when she walks in. My mother has suffered great loss from a young age, and eventually lost absolutely everything in an earthquake in 1972 in Nicaragua. She lost her house, her cars, her pets, her friends, and was forced to move into a three room house with about 20 people. My mom started off her motherhood hard as well. She was a single mom hardly scraping by with my brother, but did everything she could to make ends meet, even if it meant working extra shifts and walking in heels for miles to get to work. She would even bring my brother to work when she had nowhere to have him looked after. She is a woman who always will do things on her own, and make whatever she puts her mind to happen. She’s the most inspiring woman I’ve ever met in my life and though my words may not be put to make her seem as amazing as her is, I truly believe she is the most beautiful and kindhearted woman to walk this world.

(She) literally volunteers almost daily. Whatever Aide does she, gives all her love and creativity. Aide has always been a member of the PTA for both of her kids. She created a Hispanic group at the elementary school where she saw a need of inclusion and support, which made such a positive impact on their school community. She volunteers for the Salvation Army, her church, Birthday Dreams, and Arise. Aide is also a teacher’s assistant at Meadow Crest Learning Center. There, and at every event she helps with she lends her creativity to make it super special and memorable. Aide is always selflessly helping and giving to others. It would be nice to treat her and show her appreciation for all the volunteering she does for our Renton community.

There are 8 kids in my family, and each of us would say she is our hero and best friend without hesitation. Looking back on it now, I realize that all through my high school career, she did not buy new clothes for herself. She was teaching me to do laundry when I realized that most of her clothing had holes that she had been skillfully repaired. Thousands of hours of homework, and hundreds of school projects, and she is still not finished. Add to all of this a sister who is autistic, two more siblings on the autistic spectrum, and a teen with ADHD. She never asks for anything for herself. She has taught all my siblings what it means to love and how to care for others. She is so humble and quiet that she would be very embarrassed to read this, much less know that a stranger would read it. But, she deserves it. She deserves the very best. She never takes time for herself, and I would love to give her that gift–one that would recognize her as an amazing and strong woman, and would be a gift that she could not give away or give back or exchange.

So, who is it going to be? It’s up to you! Visit our Facebook page to vote for your favorite, and invite your friends to get on and do the same. Push your nominee over the top! Voting ends on 11:59 PM, Wednesday May 10, 2017, when the winner will be announced. Whoever wins, we’re proud to recognize these amazing women and share their stories.

Tom Gunn is the blog editor and marketing director for The Good Life Massage. 

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