Know Your Therapist – Tina Lepeska, LMT

Know Your Therapist - Tina Lepeska

We’re pleased to introduce you to Tina Lepeksa, LMT. Tina comes to us with experience in both treatment and spa settings. She’s been working for about seven years, which makes her one of our more experienced therapists. Her particular strength is in sports-style massage and treatment sessions. Bring your pain and you’ll walk out relieved! As of this posting, she’s only been on our schedule for a few weeks and is already building a loyal following of clients, not to mention some soaring 5-star reviews. We sat down with Tina to get to know her better.

Tell us a little something about your personal life: hobbies, interests, family, friends, etc.
I’ve always loved dance. I’ve danced since I was really young, probably about four or five years old–since I could walk, really–and I’ve done it ever since. I’ve done ballet, jazz, modern, tap, you name it. It’s just been one of those hobbies I’ve loved my whole life. Recently I started up belly dancing, which is a completely different type of dance, but I love it so much. It’s a really cool culture and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve also done, on the opposite side of the spectrum, krav maga and self defense training, which is pretty fun. It keeps me pretty fit, pretty active, and gets the sweat going, and I’ve enjoyed that immensely as well. I’m kind of a big nerd. I love games: online games, PC games, board games, anything like that.

Tell us about your career in massage. How did you get started? What events led to you working here?
I knew I wanted to work in the health field somewhere. I always enjoyed the healing aspect of the job. So I thought about maybe being a nurse. I volunteered in the ER. I kinda got into that field a little bit. But I decided I kinda don’t like hospitals very much! They kinda creep me out a little bit. So I stepped back from that and I thought maybe paramedic, EMT maybe, but then I find out they also spend a lot of time in the hospital! So at the time, my neighbor, he had been a massage therapist, and he told me about it. And the college was right down the street, so I met with a counselor, got to see the room, got some experience with what massage therapy is like, and I haven’t looked back since then. I’ve loved it.

What’s your favorite part of this job? What gets you excited to come to work?
I love helping people. I love the after effects of helping them, from being in pain to feeling so much better. You can do no wrong with massage therapy. I mean, they’re happy to see you. You’re happy to help them. It’s a really rewarding career and it’s just–there’s no stress in it. And that’s–I love that about it.

What is it about your massage that keeps your clients coming back? What makes you stand out from the other GLM therapists?
They would say I have this knack for homing in on knots. I tend to find them, y’know, right away, and they don’t even know that they have them. They always joke about that with me, so I guess my palpation–my intuition to find where the people are stressed and where they’re feeling it, even if they’re not aware of it.

Pick a superpower: flying or turning invisible. Explain your answer.
Just those two options?! Out of all the superpowers out there in the world? Okay. I think we have all been in that situation where you’re stuck in traffic and you wish you could just fly over everybody and not be stuck. That would be great.

We’re all about wellness here. What’s your favorite health habit? This can be something that you’re working on, have mastered, or just feel like our clients should be doing.
As well as doing dance as well as self defense to keep me fit, I really love stretching. That’s kind of my go-to for just recovery, and just kinda keeping myself limber. It helps myself as well, because after a long day of massage, I have to make sure that I’m taken care of, so stretching for me has been huge, and it’s also great for clients as well. So I kinda want to continue to learn more stretches and figure out more techniques and things like that.

Is there a client who stands out to you? Don’t name names, but can you tell us a story about how massage helped someone you worked on?
She had a return injury in her rotator cuff and it was really bothering her. She couldn’t move her arm very well at all, not very high, and we had been working several sessions, probably four or five sessions. She had been going to physical therapy as well to try and fix it, and I was stretching it out, within her comfort level of course, and it made this horrible popping, crunching noise. I was terrified at first. I was like “Are you okay?! Did I just break you?” And she was like “Yes! That was amazing!” It really broke up the scar tissue and she could move a little bit better, and it was just that eureka moment that we weren’t expecting, but it was great and we laughed about it a lot. It was that moment when it finally kinda comes together–all that work and trying to just get it to let go, and it’s a really rewarding moment.

Finish this statement: I wish my clients knew …
I wish my clients knew how much wear and tear they put on their body day-in, day-out without even realizing it. And I think sometimes clients can become desensitized to it as well. They have that nagging pain or ache in their body and they’re just used to it every day, and they don’t even realized it’s there anymore. It’s just part of their everyday life. Really, checking in with yourself every day and seeing how your body’s doing and feeling is really important, so I wish they knew just how much they need to take care of themselves.

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Gratitude: The Gift You Give To Yourself



We tend to think that gratitude is a feeling that just happens to you–a reaction, like laughing at a joke. The problem with this idea is that it makes us victims of our own ability to adapt. Even if the circumstances we live in are extremely good, we may not have any awareness of it. We’re just focused on the next threat to our existence. This is a good strategy for staying alive, but it doesn’t work so well for feeling like life is worth living. We get used to how good things are, and before we know it we’re sneaking envious peeks over the fence to admire the neighbors’ grass.

Gratitude works like magic in the way it can transform the hum-drum world around you into a place of wonders: a place where miracles are happening all around you at every moment. You can see this transformation in even the most mundane and onerous aspects of modern life (including commercial air travel).

Not only does gratitude make you feel better about what you have, it can open the door to even more good things in your life.

For your health
Being grateful for your body and your health increases your body awareness. Your body may not look just the way you’d like; it’s current condition may reflect either poor choices on your part or circumstances beyond your control. But consider what an amazing mechanism your body is! Millions of years of evolutionary growth have gone into it, and before that, the very stuff you’re made of was a part of the stars in the heavens. Your body, whatever it’s condition, is a wonder to behold. Keeping these beautiful ideas in your heart and mind will do more for your happiness and health than you may realize.

In fact, studies show that people who are grateful are more likely to attend regular checkups, have fewer aches and pains, and suffer from less depression. What’s more, a default position of gratitude will help you enjoy your body more and deepen your happiness and sense of well-being, helping you feel better both mentally and physically. And who couldn’t use more of that?

So exercise! Enjoy affection and intimacy with someone you love. Get a massage from time to time to give your body a little treat.

For your relationships
A study published in Emotion in 2014 showed that saying thank you to someone you’ve just met increases the likelihood that the person you’ve thanked will establish an on-going connection with you. When the people around you feel appreciated, they tend to want to do more of the thing you thanked them for. As you continue thanking people and as gratitude becomes the default for your personal and working relationships, more and more people gather around you, offering up their best selves as you keep rewarding them with recognition and gratitude, often without even thinking twice about it.

For your soul
Are you feeling ground down all the time, defensive, victimized? Do you lash out at people who probably don’t deserve it, or feel like a slave to your own tempestuous moods? Consider cultivating more gratitude.

A 2014 University of Kentucky study showed that people who rated higher in gratitude were less likely to retaliate when given negative feedback, and showed greater empathy towards others over all.

With greater gratitude, you’ll have higher self-esteem because you’ll be able to recognize your own gifts, and so won’t feel the need to resent the achievements or accomplishments of others.

What more reasons do you need? Cultivate gratitude in your life. Treat yourself like someone you’re trying to take care of and work gratitude into your public and private life. Pray or meditate daily. See how many times you can say “thank you” to the people in your life in a given day.

Get curious about it: hat would happen if you tried it?

Choose the good life.

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