Nominate Her! – Win a Spa Day for the Amazing Woman in Your Life


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Every time Mother’s Day comes around, it’s nice, to say the least, to say thank you to the women in your life that have had the biggest impact. Without Mom, you wouldn’t be here. None of us would.

But the spirit of motherhood transcends the act of giving birth. True mothers are mentors, teachers, nurturers, life-givers. Day-in and day-out, they do thankless tasks without even dreaming of asking to be recognized or celebrated.

Not every mom is perfect. Life is difficult, and everyone makes mistakes. But without these women in our lives, everything would more difficult, less cheerful, and more lonely.

We encourage you to join us this Mother’s Day in celebrating the amazing women in our lives with a little something extra.

We want to honor one very special mother or mother-figure this year with a full spa day consisting of a 90 minute full body scrub and mud wrap followed by a 60 minute massage. We wish we could offer this to every deserving mom, but we need your help in finding one special mom to honor this year.

Do you know a woman who deserves this? Now is your chance to let the world know about her influence, to make sure these unsung heroins finally have their stories told. She can be your mother, or just an amazing woman in your life you couldn’t imagine life without.

Email their story to us, including the first and last name of your nominee (you can’t nominate yourself), and a few short paragraphs tellings us what makes them so deserving. Tell their story!

We’ll select three finalists and announce them on May 1, 2017. Then we’ll feature their stories on this blog and on social media, and let you, our clients and friends on social media, vote for their favorite. The final winner will be announce on May 8, 2017.

Send your nominations to by April 30, 2017

We’re as excited to read your stories as we are to pamper the winner, so get on it!

Tom Gunn is the marketing director and blog editor for The Good Life Massage. You can hire him at or follow him on Twitter @Elmanoroboto

3 Reasons to Try a Full Body Sugar Scrub & Mud Wrap at The Good Life Massage

3 reasons to get a full body scrub & mud wrap

According to our friends at SpaFinder, mud wraps are one of the most popular spa treatments available. But what is it, anyway? And why get one? (Because you really should get one!)

First, let’s separate fact from fiction, science from advertising hype.

A full body scrub and mud wrap WON’T …

Make you skinny. You may see temporary weight loss. You may be slightly slimmer with less cellulite, but these effects are due to lost water weight, and only last a day or two at the most. There’s no magic in the mud to burn fat or shrink fat cells.

Cleanse you from toxins (whatever those are). Many spas push this treatment as a “cleanse”. But we’d like to know– cleanse you from what, exactly? No studies have shown this as a real benefit, and nobody who touts this as a benefit will be able to name for you a single chemical toxin mud wraps are supposed to cleanse you of.

A full body scrub and mud wrap WILL …

Exfoliate. It starts with a gentle sugar scrub. We generously apply hot towels to open your pores before applying sugar scrub one area at a time. Sugar is the ideal exfoliant because it doesn’t draw out moisture from the skin the way sea salt does, and doesn’t chafe like pumice. This is gently applied to your back, arms, legs, feet, and hands, then gently removed with hot towels. You won’t believe how much more soft and smooth your skin can get! You’ll feel like a kid again.

Soothe aching joints. The evidence on this is a little shaky, and generally anecdotal. That said, many study participants have reported at least a temporary decrease in joint and muscle pain. If you know you’ll be feeling sore after an athletic event or just a good workout, it might be ideal to schedule a mud wrap directly afterward. Is this a cure for arthritis? No, though you may find it provides some temporary relief.

Relax you. This is an unquestionable benefit of this treatment. Once the exfoliant is removed, the mud is gently applied to all the same areas. (We say mud, but it feels more like a thin clay, and it isn’t as messy as it sounds.)

We then wrap you up in a layer of plastic, an electric blanket, and a thermal mylar blanket to lock in the heat. This causes the mud to soften and ferment slightly as you sweat. You’re left to sit, relaxing to the sounds of the music or white noise of your choice for about 15 minutes, letting your mind drift gently away from all your cares.

The practitioner comes back in to unwrap you and gently remove the mud with more hot towels. The result? You’ve already forgotten what year it was since your skin felt this soft, and since your mind was so still and rest.

This is a great treatment, either as a stand-alone, or to compliment a massage. The whole treatment takes about 90 minutes.

Book one today!

Tom Gunn is the marketing director and blog editor for The Good Life Massage. You can hire him by contacting him on Twitter @ElManoRoboto or by email at

Add a Little Extra, Get a Lot More – A Primer on Massage Enhancements, Part II

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In the last post we reviewed a few of the session enhancements available at our clinic. These are a fantastic way to make a great massage experience even better, so if you haven’t already read it, check out that post.

What we haven’t covered, however, are the spa treatment enhancements that are also available. Like any spa treatment, these must be reserved in advance. Don’t ask your practitioner for these on the day of your massage, because these require extra time on the schedule and/or prep time that make it impossible to prepare on-demand.

As you’ll see, however, it’s well worth the effort to plan ahead and schedule one of these with your session.

Fancy Feet
If you like the hand or foot sugar scrub, you’ll love this! This is quite a full pedicure, but it’s the next best thing. For 30 blissful minutes, your hardest working body parts get the TLC they deserve. We start with a gentle exfoliating sugar scrub and follow that with hot stone massage. This is a perfect add-on for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet, or who just need some extra attention in that area.

HFS Upgrade
HFS stands for hands, feet, or scalp. You’ll get 15 extra minutes in one of these targeted focus areas. We’ve posted on this space before about how amazing this upgrade can be, but briefly, this adds time to your session dedicated to one of these areas.

Hands. You may not realize just how hard your hands work until you try this. The practitioner will spend time on each joint of the finger, soothing all those tight muscles and connective tissues with focused touch therapy. This is highly recommended for anyone who works with their hands, or even just uses a computer a lot (which is pretty much everybody, right?).

Feet. Is there any part of your body that needs more attention than your feet? This enhancement adds 15 blissful minutes of attention just on your feet. This is considerably more than the 3 to 5 minutes your feet would each get in a full body massage, and will have you dancing out the door.

Scalp. It’s counter-intuitive, but the scalp is a great place to get some focus work done. It’s deeply relaxing and can even help relieve headaches. This is ideal for stress relief or to aid with mental health or addiction recovery.

Chocolate Hydrating Face Mask
Good news: this one involves chocolate! Not so good news: it doesn’t involve eating any. It turns out that the flavonoids in cocoa are great for your skin. It smells great, has been proven to leave your face feeling smooth and moisturized, and most of all, gives you that feeling of being treated like royalty.

Again, whichever of these enhancements you decide to go with, remember that each of them require extra time be added to your session. That means these must be booked in advance and can not be added at the last minute. For enhancements that can be added on the fly, see our last post.

Tom Gunn is the marketing director at and blod editor of The Good Life Massage. You hire him to help with your content marketing and social media tasks by contacting him at

Add a Little Extra, Get a Lot More – A Primer on Massage Enhancements, Part 1

Treat Yourself - Web GraphicWe like to think our clients keep coming back to GLM because we focus like laser beam on doing one thing extremely well: massage. But if you think massage is all we have to offer, you’re missing a lot.

We offer a number of enhancements to make your massage experience even more enjoyable and therapeutic. For just a little extra, you can add extra non-massage treatments to your session.

In this post, we’re focusing on our massage enhancements that add no time to your session, and can be requested on the day of your appointment–no need to plan ahead for the enhancements listed here. Some enhancements have a therapeutic value, while others are designed to make your massage experience more relaxing and memorable. Find out what you’ve been missing!

Foot or hand sugar scrub
Sugar scrubs are a great way to gently exfoliate your hands and feet. First we apply hot towels to your hands or feet to relax and open the pores. Then we use a sugary compound made with glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils, formulated by our own Amy Gunn and manufactured right here in our clinic. We finish with a grease-free lotion to seal in the moisture. Choose from five pleasant fragrances or go fragrance-free.

The hands and feet are your hardest-working body parts! Give them a little extra love by taking good care of them. Go with just the hands, just the feet, or do both for a little extra.

Hot stone spot treatment
Whether you already know and love hot stone massage, or have never heard of it before in your life, our hot stone spot treatment is a great little taste of the hot stone massage experience. It’s also great for giving a particularly painful or tense area some extra TLC.

We use smooth stones hand-picked from the Washington and Oregon Coast which are submerged in hot water. We use these stones as massage tools, applying heat to help soothe and soften sore tissue and muscle in your focus area.

Tension release
Not only is the addition of a unique blend of essntial oils relaxing, it makes your practitioner’s job a lot easier. Our LMPs claim that this enhancement makes it faster and easier to get through superficial tissue to deeper levels. This is the perfect way to help slow your mind, relax your body, and make your massage as effective as it can possibly be.

This enhancement is a treat for your senses and your muscles. Your practitioner will help you choose from a broad selection of oils. These are then added to strategic points all over your body. The overall effect is surprisingly relaxing, and adds that extra element of escape to your session.

You can add more than one of these to your session in any combination you wish, but we recommend taking it slow with these. Give them a try one at a time. Find out what you like the most, and you’ll want to make it a regular part of your massage experience.

Book your session today–and don’t forget to add an enhancement this time!

Tom Gunn is the marketing director, social media manager, and blog editor for The Good Life Massage. You can view his other work or hire him through his website

When NOT to Get a Massage

As much as we’d like to say that any time is a good time, sometimes it really is best to reschedule your massage. Massage has a significant impact on the body, and that means you need to use just a little self-awareness before getting the table. If you get this wrong, the consequences range from mild discomfort to needing serious medical attention.

If you’ve been injured, say on the job or in a car accident, massage can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic, depending on the nature of your injuries. Having said that, we highly recommend a doctor’s referral before you come in after an injury. Massage could actually aggravate your injury, making a bad situation even worse.

Yes, we’re trained professionals, but we’re not medical doctors. It’s crucial that you be honest with your practitioner and yourself before you get on the table.

After Drinking
We strongly recommend spacing out your alcohol consumption and massage. This is an easy trap to fall into on a cruise or some kind of vacation situation. If a couples massage, for instance, is part of a date night, make sure the massage comes before, not after, dinner or drinks.

Have you ever noticed that your practitioner will offer you water after a massage? That’s because massage makes you feel dehydrated … just like alcohol. Getting a massage after a few drinks might feel really good during the session, but you may really be feeling it in the morning.

“Uh oh. Am I getting this?”
Do you have that little tickle in the back of your throat? Are you feeling some queasiness or chills? Listen to your body. If you’re feeling some of the telltale signs that indicate that you’re about to get sick, reschedule your massage. (It should go without saying that getting a massage while you’re sick is usually a bad idea. But really–whatever you’ve got, we don’t want.)

In a way that’s similar to exercise, massage encourages circulation of bodily fluids, which can temporarily tax your immune system. If your body is already fighting a bug when you get a massage, you can expect to feel worse–definitely the morning after, and maybe even right after the session.

No problem. In fact, we highly recommend prenatal massage, right up to the time you give birth. There’s a myth out there that massage can actually cause you to go into labor. This isn’t really true.

Postpartum massage is also safe, in general, but if you’ve had a c-section or other complication, it’s best to clear it with your doctor first.

… But the money!
Your health is more important. Having said that, it’s understandable to be concerned about losing a prepaid session or having to pay for a session you won’t get because of a late cancellation. It’s true that we have a late cancellation/no-show policy, but we’ve been known to grant exceptions. Talk to your practitioner or a manager if you have health concerns around keeping your appointment.

As with everything on this blog, none of this information should be construed as medical advice or care. The employees of The Good Life Massage, including the writers of this blog, are not medical doctors. Consult with your physician before making any changes to improve your health.

Tom Gunn is the blog editor and marketing director for The Good Life Massage. You can hire his services as a writer, editor, or social media expert at

Massage and Pain Relief — Does it really work?

In terms of our work here at The Good Life Massage, we have found that massage therapy can have a significant impact on certain kinds of pain, especially when the source of that pain is strained muscles or repetitive stress on a certain area.

Sure, thank goodness for aspirin, but if you want to feel better in the long term, there’s no substitute for treating the underlying source of the pain. Massage has long been known as a good option for¬†getting to some of the underlying causes of the persistent pain that can result from injuries, or just the everyday stresses of life.

But massage can also play a role in helping you get control of pain above and beyond the familiar aches, pains, and minor injuries.

The last thing you need is headaches
Headaches generally fall into one of two categories: tension headaches and migraines. Massage can help both, but the approach is somewhat different for each.

Tension, or muscle contraction headaches come from tightening of muscles in the neck, head, and face. This can come from stress or poor posture. Massage can loosen those tight muscles and release the tension that builds up because of poor posture. If posture correction is your goal, keep in mind that it will take time, both in practicing the correct posture, and in using massage therapy to help retrain your muscles to find a new, more natural position.

Migraine, or vascular headaches come from a slight build-up of pressure in the head, which can somewhat restrict oxygen-rich blood flow. By soothing and relaxing the muscles of the face, head, and scalp, massage can help reduce this kind of pain

A substitute for heavy pain killers?
As a piece of the overall picture in health care, the subject of pain and how to help sufferers get control of it has been through a lot of ups and downs in the past several years. With the introduction of stronger opiate pain killers, things seemed to be looking up for patients. Now, practical experience and studies have shown these wonder drugs to be highly addicting, and have triggered a plague of addiction across the country.

As a result, doctors have gotten much more strict and careful about prescribing opioid pain killers like oxycontone. Protocols at hospitals and clinics have tightened up to keep these drugs in the right hands, but no system is perfect. It’s probably true that many have been protected from addiction because of these measures. Unfortunately, as a result, many patients are finding it difficult get the pain relief they legitimately need.

The system isn’t likely to budge on this any time soon since the widespread addiction is only getting worse. So how can patients get the pain relief that they need?

Recent studies show that non-traditional treatments, such as massage therapy, can provide significant and noticeable relief, either in conjunction with medication, or as an alternative.

One study conducted in a hospital setting showed a decrease in the average pain levels in patients by 28.5%–a significant improvement. This study also showed that patients showed improved sleep and a greater ability to cope with physical and psychological challenges as a result of receiving massage.

Right hands, right time, right place
And not just any massage will do. A literature review of several studies found that empathy, an on-going connection with the massage therapist, and even the setting and time of day were all significant factors in the massage’s effectiveness. The takeaway: the best results come from regular care from someone you trust rather than a cheap one-and-done experience.

At The Good Life Massage, we do our best to create a relaxing, healing environment for all our clients. Our therapists want to build a relationship with every client. Whenever we can do that, we find that we’re able to provide customized care with the best possible results. Learn more about our staff of massage practitioners on our staff page.

Personal experience
We know of what we speak. Our own Amy Gunn, LMP suffered terrible abdominal pain for years before finally researching a massage solution to the problem. Her research resulted in a new treatment regime we offer to clients called visceral manipulation that has helped her and others like her. Read her story.

As with everything on this blog, none of this information should be construed as medical advice or care. The employees of The Good Life Massage, including the writers of this blog, are not medical doctors. Consult with your physician before making any changes to improve your health.

What non-medication methods have you used to get pain under control? What has worked for you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Do you struggle with pain regularly? Have you considered regular massage treatment as a part of your arsenal in fighting it?

You can book with us online or by phone:


Tom Gunn is a freelance writer and social media marketing specialist. He is also the Marketing Director for The Good Life Massage. You can see more of his work, or even hire him at You can also follow him on Twitter @elmanoroboto.

Do you know your rights as a massage client?


Whether you’re a veteran of the message therapy experience or a novice, you should fully understand everything you have the right to expect from your providers. We like to call this the client’s bill of rights. Whether you come to see us, or get your massage from elsewhere, these are all things you have the right to expect.

You have the right …

To receive treatment from a qualified massage practitioner licensed by the state. State licensing helps to ensure your safety, quality of service, and establishes legal and ethical accountability. All the practitioners at The Good Life Massage are licensed by the State of Washington. License numbers are published on our website for each therapist, and we can produce a copy of their licenses on demand.

To receive all the benefits of massage, understanding the scope of massage as a medical treatment. Massage therapy is not a cure-all. It is for general wellness purposes, and this includes relief from muscular tension or spasms, improved flexibility, promotion of circulation of the blood and lymph, and stress reduction.

To be touched only on the areas you specify, excluding genitals or breast tissue.

To receive treatment based on health care information you volunteer. We do not receive or keep complete medical records of our clients, so, with few exceptions, all the information we have about your health condition comes directly from you. This includes physical and mental health. Remember that communication is essential to a good massage experience.

To end the massage session at any time, for any reason. If anything about the session is causing you pain or makes you uncomfortable, you can stop it.

To have any and all treatments and modalities explained to you. If there’s something about your treatment you have questions about, you deserve answers to those in a way that you can understand. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

To refuse any stroke, method, or modality used by your therapist. Every aspect of your treatment is meant to be completed only with your consent, and can be customized to your liking.

To be informed if your treatment is a part of any study or experimentation. You also have the right to refuse to participate in any experimentation or research. We don’t conduct any research in our clinic at this time, but if we did, we would do anything but keep it a secret.

To confidentiality and privacy. Our client list is kept confidential, and any personal or health care information you provide us is secure. Our record keeping practices are fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

To be treated fairly and humanely, regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, body type, disability, gender identity, race, religion, or political persuasion. The Good Life Massage is fully ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. Our top priority is to create a healing space for our clients where they feel safe and welcome, regardless of any of these factors. In fact, some of you may have noticed some of our practitioners wearing safety pins on their uniforms. This is just another sign of that commitment to inclusiveness and fairness.

Do you have any questions about this list? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment on this post or social media. If you’d prefer to keep it private, our door is always open. You can contact us by phone or email with your questions.


Have you been in to see us, and enjoyed your experience? Please leave a review online, mentioning your practitioner by name. This helps other clients find the therapist most suited to them.

As with everything on this blog, none of this information should be construed as medical advice or care. The employees of The Good Life Massage, including the writers of this blog, are not medical doctors. Consult with your physician before making any changes to improve your health.

Tom Gunn is a freelance writer and social media manager. He is also the marketing director at The Good Life Massage. To hire him, or to see more of his work, please visit, or follow him on Twitter, @elmanoroboto