4 Things That Surprised Me About My Four-Hand Massage

4 Surprises from my Four Hand Massage

I don’t normally use such a personal tone in my posts, but today I feel I need to make a notable exception.

We’ve posted about four hand massage on this blog before, but now that I’ve had a taste of this epic massage experience first hand, I thought I’d pass on exactly what it was like for me.

The idea behind a four-hand massage is this: two therapists (generally with two hands each) massage you at the same time. This is usually handled in a way that one therapist is working on the upper body while the other works on the lower body, and then they may switch. Hypothetically, one can work on the right side while the other works on the left, but this was not my experience for this session.

If you’d like to book a four-hand massage for yourself, just let us know.

The two therapists I had work on me were Vanessa Mabra and Tianna Hull. Both have a reputation at The Good Life Massage for being able to do both relaxation and treatment work very well. Vanessa, however is a bit stronger on the relaxation side. This was a great combination.

I admit that it was a little strange to meet my therapist for the session and find that I was talking to not one, but two people! I’m not sure just why, but it was somewhat intimidating. There was no reason to be intimidated, of course.

They had me lie face down on the table to start. Normally I like music with my massage, but I settled for the soothing sound of waves from the white noise machine. I wanted to be particularly mindful during this session, paying close attention to what was going on with the massage and what I was feeling.

We began with Vanessa working my back, getting me settled in and warmed up while Tianna did some much-needed treatment work on my thighs and glutes. I’ve been walking and riding a bike around town a lot more lately, so it was badly needed. According to Tianna, I was pretty tight down there, which would normally mean that whatever work she did would have been somewhat uncomfortable, if not painful.

But here’s the thing:

I don’t remember and discomfort!

Vanessa was doing such an excellent job working my back and getting me relaxed that I didn’t even notice what was going on down there.

By the time Vanessa had moved up to give my neck and scalp a treat, Tianna was already working on the bottoms of my feet. I’m very ticklish there, but Tianna used just the right pressure on my feet in just the right places. Vanessa had made me feel like I was floating on a cloud while Tianna had made me feel like my feet had been replaced with a brand new set.

I had a 90 minute session, and it’s hard to imagine a better way to pack so much care into so little time.

I walked away with a lingering feeling of relaxation and well-being over my whole body I won’t soon forget. In fact, I dare say it helped me make some much-needed spiritual and mental adjustments. I found myself doing more self-care in the days that followed. I felt more connected to my body and my own needs in a way I couldn’t have expected.

If you’d like to try a four-hand massage, don’t hesitate. The cost may seem high for just one massage, and I get that, but it really is an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts. It’s not just two sessions-in-one, but a form of nuclear fusion for massage–two skilled massage therapists combining their expertise to maximize both care and relaxation.

Four hand massage is also the ideal way to gift someone massage. It’s the kind of thing where someone you love might feel like they would want it, but couldn’t justify spending the money, even though they would really benefit from it. Trust me: it’s a gift they’ll be thanking you for repeatedly in the years to come.

Want a massage experience you’ll never forget? Book your four hand session now.

I was about to write that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Be well.

Tom Gunn is the marketing director and blog editor for The Good Life Massage. You can contact him about hiring him for your social media, writing, or marketing needs at tomgunn@gmail.com


Two Amazing Massage Therapists … Four Skilled Hands … One Content You: Introducing Four-Hand Massage

GLM is proud to begin offering four-hand massage, available now!

Four-hand massage is a great way to make the most of your massage time. Two therapists massage different parts of your body at once. This saves time and maximizes your massage experience.

Four hands are better than two!
Four hands are better than two!

Four-hand massage makes it possible to get the benefits of full-body relaxation that comes from a traditional Swedish massage combined with the relief from aches and pains that comes from deep-tissue.

One therapist, for instance, can perform a full-body Swedish massage. At the same time, the other therapist can be working out the kinks in your neck, those pains in your feet, or any other focus area that may need special attention. Or you can have them both do the same kind of work at the same time, or have them change it up in any way you please.

While four-hand massage is a next-level massage experience, it can be good for even the most casual massage client. If you find that you experience discomfort during deep tissue massages, a four-hand massage could be the solution. Four-hand massage distracts the senses in a way that’s both more intense and more relaxing at the same time. This service packs the benefits of two massages into one session.

Who Would Benefit The Most from 4-Handed Massage?

  • Anyone who needs intense, regular massage work.
  • Anyone with a busy schedule who wants to pack as much treatment into their session as possible.
  • Anyone who’s looking for something new to experience in a massage session.
  • Someone looking for a unique way to mark a special event such as a birthday, a promotion, or a graduation.

Four-hand massage books similarly to a couple’s session: ask for four-hand massage when you call or add it from the menu online. When you’ve completed the booking process, you’ll receive a tentative confirmation email. When we’ve confirmed that two therapists can perform the session at the same time, you’ll receive a final confirmation.

Four-hand massage is one of our most distinctive offerings, and represents a whole new way to experience massage and get the touch therapy your body needs. Book now!

Tom Gunn is the blogger and marketing specialist for The Good Life Massage. You can follow him on twitter @tomgunnpoet