A Little Known Massage Upgrade You Have to Try: HFS Upgrade

At GLM, we’re most well-known for our Swedish or Deep Tissue full-body massages. Full body means back, neck, arms, legs, and feet. In most cases, our therapists spend most of their time working the back, neck, and shoulders, as these are most often the sites of discomfort and chronic pain.

Sometimes, though, other places need some attention, too. In addition to your standard full body massage, consider adding the HFS Upgrade as an enhancement when booking your session.

What is an HFS Upgrade?
HFS stands for Hands, Feet, or Scalp. These are areas that may get a little attention during a regular session, but which you may want to give some extra TLC when you come in.

Whether you’re a carpenter or just type a computer all day, your hands go through a lot. Thank them for all that they do for you with fifteen minutes of focused care.

Your massage therapist will work each hand methodically and thoroughly, making sure every muscle is soothed and relaxed.

Your feet are one of your body’s hardest-working body parts. These miracles of nature manage to bear your full weight, not to mention about a thousand pounds of air pressure from the atmosphere, all while getting you everywhere you want to go without falling on your face.

They deserve the very best.

When you choose feet for your HFS Upgrade, your feet will get fifteen blissful minutes of your therapist’s undivided attention. You’ll practically be able to feel the tension drain out our every over-worked muscle as aches and pains melt away.

Have you ever had your hair washed at a salon or a barber shop? This is a little like that, but without all the water and shampoo. Scalp massage is both soothing and beneficial.

  • Improves blood flow in the head and neck area
  • Conditions and lubricates the scalp, which helps reduce dry scalp and flaking
  • Lowers stress and stimulates the follicles.
  • Regular scalp massage has even been shown to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Whatever focus area you choose, you won’t regret adding an HFS Upgrade to your session. Keep in mind that you have to add this to your session at least a day in advance of your appointment since this adds some time. You won’t be able to add this upgrade at the last minute.

Too add this upgrade, just select it from the menu in addition to your regular massage session when booking.

As with everything on this blog, none of this information should be construed as medical advice or care. The employees of The Good Life Massage, including the writers of this blog, are not medical doctors. Consult with your physician before making any changes to improve your health.

Tom Gunn is the Marketing Director and official blogger at the Good Life Massage. You can follow him on twitter at @tomgunnpoet or visit his website at http://www.tgunnwriter.com