Traffic Advisory: Be Prepared!

Major Road Closure
It’s not often that we have news to report here on the GLM blog, but whether you’re a new client or a faithful regular, you need to be aware of a traffic situation in Renton.

For those of you who take Logan Ave from I-405, you need to be aware that southbound Logan Avenue is closed and detoured. To get to GLM, you’ll have to take an alternate route around Logan Ave. The closure is expected to last through next summer.

The simplest, if not the fastest way to get around the closure is to take I-405 to Rainier Avenue. Follow Rainier Avenue North for a mile and turn right on South Tobin.

For those more prone to take their chances Renton surface streets:

From Exit 5 on I-405, go west on Sunset, turn right on Park Avenue North, turn right on Bronson Way, take another right on South 2nd Street, another right on South Logan, then left onto South Tobin.

Renton Map

We’re sorry for the hassles, and we wish we could just make it all go away.

We can’t fix the traffic, but we can at least help with some of the ways your body reacts to it.

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Tom Gunn is the marketing director and blog editor at The Good Life Massage. You can follow him on Twitter @tomgunnpoet.