5 Ways a Pre-Paid Massage Package Could Change Your Life

5 Ways a Prepaid Package Could Change Your Life

Prepaid massage packages seem like a lot up-front, but it really is the best value in massage. You get a discount, certainly, but you also get all the benefits of regular massage without the fine-print contracts and commitments that come with big chain memberships.

Prepaid package sessions never expire, and can be used by anyone you wish, not just the person who purchased it. We’ve covered these basics on this blog before, but it’s worth noting how buying a prepaid massage package could be a huge benefit to you and those close to you. In fact, it might just change your life.

A relaxing reward
Are you trying to make a change in your lifestyle to improve your health? Picking up good health habits (or breaking bad ones) can be extremely difficult. Regular massage can be the carrot to get you through the difficult days. Having paid for them ahead of time, all you’ll need to focus on is doing whatever you’ve decided it takes to earn them. Can you imagine a better reward for taking care of your health?

Experience the benefits of regular massage for yourself
We’ve covered the benefits of massage on this blog extensively. But there’s a big difference between getting a massage once or twice a year and being able to come in once or twice a month! You’ll experience:

  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • less pain in the muscles and other soft tissues
  • increased mobility
  • better posture
  • improved sleep
  • a stronger body-mind connection
  • improved self-image and body awareness

And that’s the short list of benefits!

Instant popularity
Did you know? Our prepaid packages are completely shareable. There’s no need for a code, or even a secret password. Tell your friends and loved ones that they can come in and get a massage using your package, and all they need is your first and last name at checkout. You can use one for yourself and give the rest out as gifts, or share them to whatever extent you choose. In fact, you might consider pooling your funds with friends or co-workers and sharing them! You’ll all get the benefits and enjoy the savings.

Get your package now and start sharing the love!

Give your business a shot in the arm
Because our prepaid massage packages are completely shareable, they can be a great fringe benefit for your co-workers or employees. Not only will your workforce think better of you for it, they’ll be more relaxed, happy, and productive.

Relationship rescue
Are you and your significant other at each other’s throats (and not in a good way)? The stresses of life can easily get on top of you and before you know it, the magic is gone. Even a nice evening out can feel more stressful than successful. Couples massage can be the perfect antidote to going out feeling frazzled and grouchy. You’ll both start out your time together feeling as good about each other as possible.

But what does your prepaid package of single sessions have to do with couples massage? You can use two of your single sessions at once and enjoy a couples massage with your significant other! (Note: using your package in this way, you won’t be eligible for the free enhancements and chocolate that come with our couples package.)

Still skeptical? Why don’t you try a prepaid package for yourself!

And there’s never been a better time! Now through the end of June 2017 you can get a prepaid package of single sessions and get not just one, but two bonus massages free! Prepaid Package - Social MediaVisit our packages and gift cards page to purchase, or come in to see us. Did you miss this? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to keep up on all our deals and promotions.

Tom Gunn is the blog editor and marketing director for The Good Life Massage. You can inquire about his blogging and marketing services by emailing him at tomgunn@gmail.com

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