Take Some Stress Off His Shoulders

Nominate Him - Facebook Graphic

Every time Father’s Day comes around, it’s nice, to say the least, to say thank you to the men in your life that have had the biggest impact. In spite of everything we see in headlines about bad men, you can still find good men everywhere, quietly holding the world on their strong shoulders. These good men are mentors, teachers, nurturers, and builders. Day-in and day-out, they do thankless, even dangerous tasks without even dreaming of asking to be recognized or celebrated.

Not every man is perfect. Life is difficult, and everyone makes mistakes. But without these men in our lives, our challenges would feel overwhelming, and our lives less stable and managable.

We encourage you to join us this Father’s Day in celebrating the amazing men in our lives with a little something extra.
We want to honor one very special father or father-figure this year with a 60 minute four-hand massage treatment, complete with our aromatherapy and hot stone spot treatment enhancements. We wish we could offer this to every deserving man, but we need your help in finding one special man to honor this year.

Do you know a good man who deserves this? Now is your chance to let the world know about his influence, to make sure these unsung heroes finally have their stories told.

Email your story to us, including the first and last name of your nominee (you can’t nominate yourself), and a few short paragraphs telling us about what makes him so deserving by June 7, 2018. Tell their story! We’ll select three finalists and announce them on June 9, 2018. Then we’ll let you, our clients and friends on social media, vote for their favorite. The final winner will be announce on June 14, 2018.

Send your nominations to support@goodliferenton.com.

We’re as excited to read your stories as we are to treat the winner, so get on it! Remember the deadline for nominations is June 7, 2018.

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