5 Green Ways to Beat the Heat

5 Green Ways To Beat The Heat

It’s so easy to flip a switch and get comfortable. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that to take care of our planet, convenience shouldn’t always come first. When the heat gets to be too much, where can you turn without turning on the AC?

Get out of the house
A great way to conserve electricity during the day is to get out of the house! Find a shady spot in a park or a place with a nice breeze. Come get a nice massage with free ice treatment or treat yourself to cold stone spot treatment as an enhancement to your session. Our clinic is already air conditioned, and it will be running whether you’re here or not. All that’s missing is you!

In fact, the same logic goes for coffee shops, movie theaters, stores, malls, public libraries, and other public places that don’t mind if you come in and cool off for a minute. So don’t let that electricity go to waste!

Sleep outside
It’s amazing how much your home can retain the heat of the day long after the sun has gone down. Whether or not camping is your cup of tea, it’s a great time to spread out a pad or an air mattress on the back lawn, unroll a sleeping bag, and slumber under the stars.

Stay hydrated
Your body simply can’t cool itself unless you’re drinking plenty of water. It will help you think more clearly, stabilize your mood, and make it easier for you to stay comfortable throughout the day. Cool water is best, as it will help lower your body temperature slightly. Water is best, but there are other choices that will help you hydrate as well. It’s a misconception that caffeinated drinks dehydrate you. It’s true that caffeine is a diuretic, but the water in caffeinated drinks more than compensates for this effect. The main caution in flavored drinks or coffee is sugar. Try to opt for drinks sweetened with honey or agave nectar so not to spike your blood sugar.

Get wet
You’d be surprised what a little cold water in the right spots will do to help you feel cooler. Apply ice packs or a wet wash cloth to key spots on your body, including:

  • forehead
  • behind the knees
  • on the wrists
  • on the ankles

This is particularly useful if you’re hot at night and can’t get comfortable enough to sleep.

Plant trees
Besides being beautiful, trees are the best possible way to shade your home from summer heat. They also help consume the carbon you might be releasing into the atmosphere to run the AC. This is no quick-fix, but it could save you a fortune in the long run, not to mention add value to your property.

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Our Coolest Enhancement: Ice Treatment

Ice is amazing. Think about it: we mainly use ice for keeping drinks or food cold, but it is especially amazing because it contributes to wellness in surprising ways.

At GLM, we offer a session enhancement called Ice Treatment.


Hearing the word “Ice Treatment” may make this sound uncomfortable, but don’t be put off by it. This enhancement to your regular massage session actually brings a soothing and healing sensation to painful or inflamed areas that are bothering you.

Did you know Ice is the most effective and safest techniques to use in treating soft tissue injuries and muscle soreness? It helps decrease pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, and uncontrolled swelling.

How does ice work?ice

Ice constricts blood flow and slows down circulation in an inflamed area, which is the reason we feel a decrease in pain and swelling. The application of ice has the potential to reduce recovery time significantly for soft tissue injuries.

How Is It Applied?

We use a great little tool to apply the ice directly which is called a cryo cup. Cryo cups are simple and easy-to-use ice massagers that have a contoured polymer base which acts as a handle for the therapist, so it’s easier to apply directly to the injured area.

During an ice treatment, your comfort is a key necessity, so we want to make sure that you are ready before we apply the ice to the targeted area that you want to be treated. Once you’re comfortable, your therapist will apply the cryo cup to the area and rotate gently in circular motions, healing and soothing the area. We keep the ice moving over your skin to work the cold into the tissue, but also to prevent you from feeling a burning sensation form the ice. This process goes on for about 10 minutes, which should reduce some of the pain and inflammation.

Why not just use an ice pack?

Raw ice is far more effective than when it’s wrapped in a plastic bag or a towel. When your soft tissues are inflamed, they tend to conduct more heat. But once the ice is applied, it constricts the blood flow to that area. When you use ice at home, be sure to wrap it up or at least keep it moving while applying it to prevent discomfort.

Who should get ice treatment?

Ice treatment is beneficial for anyone who is suffering from an injury that is causing pain or inflammation to a joint or muscle. It’s also a pretty good way to cool down on a hot day.

Ice is such an underdog and is often overlooked, but when it’s used, it’s almost always effective. Ice has the potential to be your best friend when you are suffering from an injury, but you have to make sure you utilize it the correct way.

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